Several vets visit the yard: Clyde Vets; The Equine Vet Clinic; and Forth Valley vets. As far as possible vet visits are co-ordinated to minimise routine veterinary costs. 


The main yard farrier is A&J Ferrie (for more information please click here: A and J Ferrie) who visit the yard on a 6 weekly basis throughout the year. Again, these visits are co-ordinated and the routine dates set for the year ahead, although extra dates can be arranged in the event of horses losing shoes etc. There are also several other farriers who visit the yard to shoe horses and you are invited to use your regular farrier if you prefer do so.



Other professionals who visit the yard include:

Ruth Torrance (Equine Physiotherapist)

Catriona Goulding (Equine Physiotherapist)