The livery yard caters for Full, DIY and Assisted DIY livery clients who are mainly adults although well behaved and closely supervised children and teenagers are welcome too. The yard is proud to have several loyal clients who have chosen to keep their horses at Langlands Livery Yard for the majority of the 22 years the yard has been in business. In addition there are lots of new faces, all of whom are made to feel welcome by existing clients. Clients range from riders who participate in affiliated competitions and Riding/Pony Club activities as well as those who just enjoy owning a horse and hacking. All of the livery horses on the yard are cared for under the same general yard routine. The horses on the yard range from natives to Thoroughbreds and from hacks to competition horses and the care they are given whilst kept at livery at Langlands is tailored as far as is possible to horses’ and owners’ individual needs.


     Top Row Stables     Front Geldings Field

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